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Noirix Technologies Limited is a
EU-based IT product company
with its head office in UK, London
Our team have gained their expertise at companies such as Google, Fitbit, Lyft, EPAM and others.
Contrary to conventional outsource coder teams our team of Software Engineers is capable of solving tasks and use the tools and technology, that fit the business goals.

Since 2019 we've been working on creation of Zodier -
the worlds-first multiplatform, high-load messenger-based patent-pending solution.

On top of our tech stack and capability to create products, we have unique experience in building Infrastructure-as-a-Code, Messenger-based and High-load applications. We can create End-to-end, Auto and Unit tests, using backend machine learning for algorithm development.
We provide
  • Architecture
    Create high-load architecture according to your business requirements
  • Scalability & Flexibility
    Re-architecting the apps to achieve easier scalability and flexibility
  • Migration
    Migration plan creation and migration from AWS/GCP/Azure to AWS/GCP/Azure and other combinations
  • Technology consulting
    Technology consulting in High-load, Data warehouses, SLO/SLI metrics, monitoring of your application
  • Payment systems
    Technical integration with different payment systems like Stripe, Paymentwall, etс.
  • Infrastructure as a code
    Setting up development infrastructure
  • Processes
    Building efficient processes inside your team
  • Organizing interviews
    Organizing interviews for Software Engineers on different levels (system design, algorithms, behaviour, technical)
  • Product management
    Project and product management with planning project life cycle, risk mitigation points, budgeting and receiving grants from corporations like Google, Amazon
Technologies we are working with
  • #Java
  • #AWS

  • #Kubernetes
  • #PostgreSQL
  • #Rust

  • #Kafka
  • #Clickhouse
  • #Prometheus
  • #Kibana
  • #Amplitude
  • #ReactJS
  • #NodeJS
  • #GO
  • #Terraform
  • #Docker
  • #GitlabCI/CD
  • #Redis
  • #Grafana
  • #GCP
  • ...
Our products
  • Zodier
    Zodier is a messenger-based dating app that made x100 registrations to 2,5M in 2021. Last January Zodier won the product of the day, week and month on Product Hunt.
    Zodier already has integrations with Telegram, FB Messenger, VK, Viber and Instagram.
  • LingvoNinja
    LingvoNinja is a service for quick language learning in chat bots of popular messengers.

    LingvoNinja helps you learn foreign languages in a game format through quizzes, audio and video content.
  • Outsourcing & Outstaff
    Also our company is engaged in the embodiment
    of your ideas and development of third-party products.

Media about us & our products
"Together with other funding, the business—now largely relocated to Poland with ownership in the U.K. via Noirix Technologies—has so far raised around $800,000, with a further $1.5 million being sought."
"Zoomers don't like to make extra moves". Noirix Technologies are promoting a chatbot for dating in messengers and want to enter the US market.

"Startup Zodier launched a dating service on Instagram".

"Zodier is a new way to look for mates and it‘s already in your phone! We unite bots and dating to simplify meeting and chatting. Dating + chatbots = Zodier. This is how the Zodier starts!"
Zodier - messenger-based dating app with 100x growth in 2021 | Product Hunt Zodier - messenger-based dating app with 100x growth in 2021 | Product Hunt Zodier - messenger-based dating app with 100x growth in 2021 | Product Hunt
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