Full-time, Remote
Senior Software Developer (Node.js, Ruby on Rails)

The customer is the online privacy company that develops easy-to-use tools for consumers and businesses to control what personal information companies, third parties, and other people see about them online. The current team is distributed between US and India, and the Team Lead is expected to cover these time zones. The main team will be based in Europe and consist of up to 10 members.

UPD: This position is closed.

Project Tech Stack

  • Services with varying degrees of interdependence and rich data interaction
  • Backend: Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Java (SpringBoot)
  • Frontend: React, Angular
  • Databases: MySQL on RDS, DynamoDB, Table Storage
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Kubernetes on EKS, Helm, Terraform
  • Monitoring: OpenSearch, Kibana, Amazon CloudWatch
  • Process: Light Agile, 2-week iterations

  • Intermediate+ English
  • 3+ years of Node.js programming experience; being capable of making the way around Ruby on Rails and Java projects (2+ years of experience)
  • Being able to produce scalable and resilient designs, clean code
  • Ability to maintain and improve written documentation; effectively communicate ideas in a written form
  • Ability to communicate effectively in an asynchronous, distributed setting
  • Ability to validate assumptions and get clarification on tasks up front to minimize the need for rework
  • Understanding how their work fits into the larger project and identifying the problems with requirements
  • Experience with distributed cloud-native systems and data-intensive processing
  • Capability of getting up to speed with the existing systems and repositories through code analysis and debugging; making steady progress without much technical guidance
  • Capability of prioritizing tasks; avoiding getting caught up in unimportant details
  • Being a lifetime learner who is eager to keep up with the progress of technology
  • Ability to give timely, helpful feedback to peers and managers; solicits feedback from others and strives to find ways to improve

  • Evaluate business processes, anticipate requirements, consider areas for improvement, develop and implement solutions
  • Own features from technical design through completion
  • Initially, focus on supporting data provider site integration harnesses implemented in RoR and Node.js. Reimplement the obsolete RoR integrations leveraging Node.js
  • Maintain granular monitoring for site jobs and internal tool errors; insert logging of errors into feature code; design new monitoring processes together with the rest of the team; build dashboards to provide comprehensive overviews and end-to-end diagnoses; maintain threshold-based alerts from the metrics
  • Research the ways to accommodate the application needs and optimize the DB structure
  • Support and review the data schema architecture and design
  • Develop and optimize the application data interaction

EU, US, Asia
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