Refund policy

Refund policy

This Policy is an appendix and an integral part of the User Agreement and regulates the grounds and procedure for refund of the amounts paid by the User (Licensee) for the provision of Licenses.

1. The license fee paid by the User (Licensee) for the use of the Software is non-refundable from the moment the paid License Type is granted. Purchase and receipt of the selected License Type is final and non-refundable. The granting of a paid-up License Type is effective immediately upon confirmation of purchase. By entering into the User Agreement you agree that the company which owns the Zodier-bot software product is not obligated to refund the cost of the paid for type of license or otherwise compensate the cost of the unused license in case of both voluntary and forced early termination of its validity.

2. You may not cancel an order for delivery of digital content transmitted in a non-physical medium if the order has been processed after express consent from you and you have acknowledged that you agree to the loss of the right to cancel. This means that license purchases of any Type are final and non-refundable. Services purchased (promotion services, licenses and/or virtual items) are non-refundable/refundable.

3. Ordinarily, all costs associated with the purchase of any License Type are non-refundable. There are also no refunds or compensation for early license cancellation/termination. We may make an exception if a refund for the subscription (selected License Type) has been requested within fourteen (14) days of the transaction or if such refund is required by the laws of your country.

Refund Request:

1. To request a refund, you can also send your request by e-mail to: or by mail to: Noirix Limited Liability Company, Belarus, 220005, Minsk, pr. Nezavisimosti, 39, unit 2H, office 80

2. A request for a refund shall contain: indication of the date of purchase and the type of the purchased license, contain proof of purchase (transaction receipt) and confirmation of the User's identity. The identity of the User requesting a refund must match the identity of the User who made the payment;

3. A refund may only be made if there are grounds for a refund and only in the same way as the payment was made.

4. If there are grounds for a refund, the User shall be notified of the positive decision on the refund no later than 15 (fifteen) days from the date of receipt of the request.

5. Funds will be returned no later than thirty (30) days from the date of notification of a positive refund decision.


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